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Valais Wine Olympics & Kitchen Battle

The Wine Olympics, with its motto of “play while you learn, learn while you play”, allows its participants to enhance their team building skills as well as improve their knowledge of wine at the Fin Bec, Yvo Mathier vineyard in Sion, Switzerland, by means of fun and games. Up to six disciplines, such as precision cork throwing, vine puzzles, bottling or “How old am I?”, form the central theme of team building at the vineyard, and just next door is the opportunity to taste a selection of the winemaker’s finest-quality wines under expert supervision. The number of disciplines and wines to be tasted is at your disgression - the choice is yours depending on your budget and the length of your stay.


Precision cork throw

Coordination and teamwork

The victor is the team which manages to throw the most corks into a small wooden press from 3 metres away (each participant can throw 3 corks!).


Vine puzzle

Coordination and teamwork

The team that can build the highest tower out of grape vines is the winner. Assembling and disassembling are fundamental to team building.


How old am I?


Taste three wines of the same grape variety and try to work out the age of each wine.


Coordination and teamwork

You have 10 litres of water, various corks, bottles and a cork machine. The winner is the team that manages to decant as much water as possible into the intended bottles. 


What can you smell?


Coffee, rosemary, thyme, rose blossom? You will be presented with six different aromas, and your challenge is to work out which one is which.


Judging wine defects


Corked, sulphide aromas, acidic? We’ll introduce you to the most important wine defects.

Price for the Wine Olympics: 

CHF 2.20 per person per activity.


Wine tasting

Choice of 3 wines: CHF 8.80 per person

Choice of 5 wines: CHF 11 per person

Choice of 8 wines: CHF 13.2 per person

Upon arrival in the kitchen, the participants will be greeted by the hotelier and the head chef with an apperitif, divided into two teams and introduced to the Kitchen Battle by means of a short presentation.


Under the guidance of the hotelier and the head chef, both groups will then have to prepare the 3, 4 or 5 course menu that they choose. The challenge therefore involves more than simply glancing into cooking pots - over the course of two to three hours, you and your colleagues will set your hands to conjuring up a delectable culinary extravaganza using local products from the Valais region. The winner of the Kitchen Battle will be decided by a panel of independent hotel guests, who will assess the menu on the basis of various aspects, such as the presentation, taste and so on. The victorious team will receive an attractive prize!


You will discover along the way that your bond with your colleagues can be greatly enhanced by a little kitchen battle! Cooking with your colleagues has never been so exciting, funny, convivial and entertaining - not to mention team-building! We look forward to opening up our kitchen to you!

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  • Double bedroom/breakfast from CHF 100 per person
  • Single bedroom surcharge CF 15 per person
  • Bookable by request and subject to availability.
  • Service and taxi charges are included in the price
  • The visitor tax is calculated separately, as it is not within the hotel’s remit (summer: CHF 7; winter: CHF 4.50 per adult per day).
  • Credit cards are accepted.



  • CHF 59 per person

Included within the price:

  • Cooking in the professional hotel kitchen
  • Aprons, chef’s caps, gloves, knives
  • All ingredients for the Kitchen Battle menu
  • One glass of aperitif wine from a choice of two


  • 3-course menu: from CHF 35 per person
  • 4-course menu: from CHF 45 per person
  • 5-course menu: from CHF 55 per person

We are happy to put forward individual Kitchen Battle menu proposals.


Group sizes:

  • Between 8 and 30 people

Time required for both events:

  • One whole day or two half days


  • Throughout the year


  • Sion & Saas-Fee (a journey time of 1.5 hours)


  • German
  • French
  • English

Not included in the price:

  • Drinks
  • Overnight accommodation/breakfast
  • Travel to and from the hotel


  • For any particular event dates, the order in which the Wine Olympics and Kitchen Battle take place, and therefore the arrival times, can be switched
  • Cooking aprons with the company logo
  • Photo album with recipes (for a surcharge of CHF 20 per person)
  • Additional personalised outdoor and indoor accompanying programmes


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