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Blind Food Taste Sensation

Blind Food Taste Sensation - a holiday for the senses. Well, nearly. Your sense of smell and taste will still be put to the test! Just how finely-honed are your taste buds? Whomsoever manages to keep their footing in this culinary challenge, and can therefore recognise the most gastronomic specialities, will win a delectable prize!

Who will emerge as the culinary maestro?

Each participant, wearing a blindfold, will be presented one after the other with four tasting spoons. On each spoon are served three coordinated ingredients, which the tester should then proceed to taste.


Whoever can correctly identify the most delicacies wins the tasty prize!


A blind tasting with great entertainment value and guaranteed fun!

Price for 4 tasting spoons:

  • CHF 32 per person


A tip from us:

Combine the Blind Food Taste Sensation with a Valais Winetasting

  • Choice of 3 wines: CHF 8.80 per person
  • Choice of 5 wines: CHF 11 per person
  • Choice of 8 wines: CHF 13.20 per person


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